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About Jeff Seneca

Jeff Seneca died on April 17th, 2020 due to complications from COVID-19. 


Jeff lived his life in the manner of his pictures, vibrantly and full of life and color. He was a true visionary when it came to his love for birds, and his greatest pleasures came from sharing both his knowledge and experiences in the birding community. Always willing to lend a hand, Jeff was known for his affable nature and his immense knowledge of birds. He would often spot a bird off in the distance and pull the car over to wait for the bird to reach him. Many times those with him would be wildly looking for the bird that somehow he had seen when no one else had yet seen. It is a true testament to him that those around him with no birding experience often came to love and name birds based just on Jeff’s photographs and stories. 


Jeff is truly missed, and that can not be overstated, however we are blessed that a part of him will live on through his art. He enjoyed having this website and sharing the birds and photos he loved. While this can not ever replace the loss that we all feel, it is a comfort knowing that we are able to look at his work and share a story, share a memory or just appreciate what a wonderful eye he had for not just nature, but all of the beauty around him. He had a gift for drawing out the best of each and every photograph and that extended far beyond his skills with a camera. Jeff was a wonderful friend and family man. We hope that you continue to look upon his work with the same joy that he had creating it.

I have always been interested in Nature and especially the wildlife that goes with it.  I love all animals, insects, reptiles and amphibians but my particular passion is for our avian friends, the birds.  There are so many different types, sizes, shapes and colors.  Birds that hunt down prey at 200 mph, to birds that go after nectar and can fly in any direction and hover.  Birds that dive into the water to get a meal, and others that sit high up in a tree, waiting for an unsuspecting meal to cross their path.  In a nutshell, I developed a passion for these fascinating creatures.  


Many years ago,  thanks to my brother-in-law, Paul, and his creative thinking, we became "photographers", and what started out as a small project developed into something which I enjoyed and discovered I had a good eye for. He would use mysterious phrases like "F-stop" , "shutter speed" and "ISO settings" which intrigued me and made me want to know more.  I later realized I could put photography and my passion for birding together. Over the years I have seen a lot of amazing things our feathered friends can do and it made me want to share some of these experiences with family and friends.  I have heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I know this to be true.  Whether it is capturing a Peregrine Falcon attacking a Snowy Owl, or a Northern Flicker saving her egg, or maybe simply the beauty of seeing a flaming red Scarlet Tanager perched high up in a tree, or the amazing flight of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, I could not come up with enough descriptive words to explain the magnificence of what I have seen.  I hope my photos capture that for you.

If you click on "Birds", you'll be led to specific categories of some of my favorites.  If you click on "More",  you will see additional categories for Landscapes, Locations, Animals,  and some macro photography of our tiny world friends, the Insects. 

Thank you for visiting my website - hope you enjoy what you see!        

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